Investment Fund of the Tula Region

Investment Fund of the Tula Region — funds from the budget of the Tula Region for the implementation of investment projects on its territory on the principles of public-private partnership*.

* Decree of the Government of the Tula region dated December 18, 2013 N 759 (edition of 01.10.2014) «On approval of the Procedure for the formation and use of budgetary appropriations of the investment fund of the Tula region»

The nature of support:

The nature is to provide budget investments to finance the development of design estimates and (or) capital construction of external transport, energy and engineering infrastructure of state (municipal) property, necessary for the implementation of the investment project on a concession basis.

Предоставление бюджетных ассигнований фонда регулируется:

Projects financed by the Fund:

External infrastructure

  • Power supply
  • Gas supply
  • Water supply
  • Waste water disposal
  • Highways
  • Railways

Project Selection Criteria


The project corresponds to:

1the goals of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation and state investment for medium-term perspective

2the goals of the Strategy for socio-economic development of the Tula Region until 2030

3the criteria for financial, budgetary and economic efficiency


To participate in the project, the investor is to:

1correspond to the indicators of absolute and relative financial stability*

2be a legal entity registered in the Tula region

3have no arrears of obligatory payments to the budgets of all levels and state extra-budgetary funds

*Calculated in accordance with the methodological recommendations approved by Order of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation of 04.17.2010 No. 173


The project cannot be implemented without funding from the Fund (justification required)

The period of project financing from the fund - no more than 5 years

The minimum value of the project cost for receiving fund funds

from 500 million rubles

(investor financing is not less than 50%) for regional (interregional) investment projects;

from 50 million rubles

investor financing - at least 80% for municipal (inter-municipal) investment projects;

Subsidies to compensate for creation of the objects of external infrastructure

Nature of support:

Compensation of the investor's actual expenses incurred for the creation of external transport, energy and engineering infrastructure facilities, including linear facilities, and the purchase of land for the purpose of creating these facilities.


Investors implemented an investment project in the Tula region:

  • in the area of agriculture and processing of agricultural products in a total volume of not less than 500 million rubles;
  • in the area of industrial production in a total volume of at least 1 billion rubles;
  • in other areas in the total value of at least 3 billion rubles.

Conditions and procedure for providing:

To receive the subsidy, the organization, no later than August 1, applies to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Tula Region provided that the capital construction facilities of the transport, energy and engineering infrastructure were commissioned. The annual amount of the subsidy cannot exceed the amount of tax payments of the organization to the consolidated budget of the Tula region. Subsidies may be provided to an organization for no more than 4 years from the moment the organization first appealed to the ministry regarding their receipt.

Regulated by:

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