Alexey Dyumin,
Governor of Tula region
«This year Tula region has risen in the national investment rating from 10th to 4th place. Today, we can confidently say that the region demonstrates an open and effective communication with investors.»

Investment declaration of Tula region

Full version of the Investment Declaration of Tula region(DOC, 0.1MB)

Major points

  • The Investment Declaration of Tula Region sets the main priorities for the development and support of investment activities in the Tula Region.

  • The main investment policies of Tula Region include:

    • forming a salubrious investment environment in the region

    • luring investments to the science intensive sector

    • refining the mechanism of investment attraction

    • developing the instruments of public-private partnership

    • active support of effective investment projects

    • implementation of energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies

    • creating conditions for the attraction of internal resources and buildup of foreign investments to the regional economy

    • accumulation and dissemination of information about the investment potential of Tula Region

  • Principles of interaction between the public authorities and subjects of entrepreneurial and investment activity:

    • equality

      Discriminatory approach to all subjects of entrepreneurial and investment activities

    • involvement

      Part of business entities and investment decision-making process and assess their implementation

    • Еransparency

      accessibility of documentary information authorities

    • best practices

      Orientation for the best in terms of interests of business and investment practices of interaction

  • The procedure of interaction between the subjects of investment activity is enjoined in accordance with the relevant regulatory norms and international agreements of the Russian Federation.

  • Security guarantees in entrepreneurial and investment activity:

    • protecting the rights of investors

    • lowering the administrative hurdles

    • providing equal opportunities for Russian and foreign investors

    • ensuring the investor’s right to the free choice of counterparties

  • Support of the investment activity:

    • providing subsidies from the budget of Tula Region

    • providing tax breaks for regional taxes over the period of investment project delivery within the norms of the relevant regulation

    • leasing land to investors at preferential rates under the contractual obligations to create industrial and tourist infrastructure and to develop agribusinesses

    • forming land sites provided with transport and engineering infrastructure, to save the investor’s time and money at the stage of development land allocation and the issuing of construction permits

    • fixing long-term rates for power, heat and water supply and drainage

    • providing government guarantees